built on top of browsers consuming video in real-time through a WebRTC protocol.
Our customers are
online-TV and video-streaming sites.
Teleport allows them to save costs on traffic delivery, handle spikes of traffic during major events and maintain a service of high quality.
Blockchain opens the opportunity
to bring the rewarding of nodes into a business model, which should dramatically improve the productivity of Teleport CDN and thus scale existing business.
Teleport aims to build a Content Delivery Network on top of millions of devices such as PCs, smartphones, routers, smart TV, and more.

People will install an application on such devices, which will let them lease unused Internet bandwidth from their homes and offices.

While working as a part of CDN the device will earn cryptocurrency tied to the volume of the traffic they uploaded to other internet users.
- Could this be made without blockchain?
- Yes. We could just store all the necessary payouts info in a database.
However, compared with that solution, blockchain provides a few advantages:
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