Teleport Metrics during World Cup games 2018.
Once set as a decentralized reserve CDN, from the very first game streamed, Teleport became the second and the last bandwidth source to maintain stable streaming. During the Cup games, it has autonomously offloaded up to 70% of bandwidth meeting SLA standards and has increased overall video quality up to 30%. It made a difference in video streaming speeds and bitrate growth. The results were remarkable.
Teleport Metrics white paper gathers the data on the main quality metrics of
The audience growth
The bandwidth reallocation
The video download speed
Buffering and failures events reduction
The bitrate growth
Take out a moment now to download Teleport Metrics to learn more on the advantages of having Teleport peer-to-peer content delivery technologies on board. It’s free, all you need to do is fill the short form to get it on your email. The information you learn from this WP may just put your service on the path to maintain more stable streaming and provide ultimate service quality for online viewers.