Teleport Usecases.
FIFA World Cup 2018 streaming results.
New records, not only on the field but in browsers too. Teleport Media helped World Cup 2018 official broadcasters cope with spikes in traffic, falls in video streaming speeds and decreasing bit rates.
Multiple OTT Streaming.
Online broadcasting system audit. Teleport was connected to find out the possibility of improving the quality of broadcasting on the existing infrastructure and finding reserves for further growth.
CDN Assistance.
Support CDN in peak loads. Teleport offloaded the infrastructure stress in spike demand cases. Despite the existing reserves of the platform, the distributed network seamlessly increase video quality without future infrastructure investments.
Distributed content cache for ISP.
Teleport locks traffic inside local ISP network. The provider's transfer infrastructure is used without requesting external traffic. It increases the reliability of data transmission, broadcast speed and maintain video stream quality. Teleport caches any content regardless of the size, priorities, policy of the caching service, and the location of the Internet provider.