FIFA World Cup 2018 streaming results.
Quarter final match during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.
We utilized end-user devices to decrease the load on the channel. Naturally, we worked within the framework of the cache sizes allowed by the browser. Interestingly, the more users there are, the better our distributed delivery works because each new user equals not only a new request for downloading content but also a potential distributing node.
53% of traffic passed via the Teleport Platform and cost 30% of the overall CDN budget; meanwhile, the quality of a player tuned as Teleport's peer never dropped below 720p.
bitrate streams
buffer size
chunk length
Average download speed sustainability on large volumes.
Once the audience increased several times we faced a fourfold drop in the CDN delivery speed, whereas Teleport Media Live Streaming ensured an almost totally horizontal level in delivering chunks of video regardless of the number of users in the delivery network.

Teleport supplied reliability which is not available even to high-end CDNs at such load levels.
Match results.
the minimum delivery speed during spikes in audience numbers.
3 Mbps
the maximum share of distributed P2P traffic on the Teleport Media platform.
the rate at which CDN delivery speeds slowed down during spikes in audience numbers.
Audience growth to the regular level.
simultaneous https content requests per second.
World Cup 2018 period results.
A total of 21.5 million viewer sessions / 9.8 million unique users.
The most popular matches resulted in about 2.3 million views.
The maximum peak load on the network was recorded as 476 Gbps.
The highest number of viewers serviced simultaneously was 350K.
The highest number achieved for localizing traffic, aka redirecting it from a CDN to the Teleport Media network was 81%.
The real speed of delivery in Teleport Media's Live Streaming during the most crowded World Cup matches reached up to 6 Mbps.
Buffering time experienced by users who were unable to use the Teleport Media for some reason averaged about 30% higher than of connected ones.
Teleport also disabled delivery via mobile networks by default for about 30% to 40% of mobile users.