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by Natalya Devyatkova | February 24, 2019
3 min read
Most streaming platforms, whether it is sports or movies, normally connect several CDNs to be sure of the quality of delivery, or hope for that. As a matter of fact, if a broadcaster attracts another CDN or upgrades the existing network of servers, leads to high costs. Even when the broadcasting quality is a business priority, often multiple CDN providers can't guarantee the best service. Therefore there is a growing demand for new digital solutions.

We at Teleport Media face the objection about having 3–4 CDNs and the way our technology would work together with them. So we came up to the point how your business may benefit from Teleport Media WebRTC Live Streaming implicated on top of existing CDNs as an optional tool as well as along with them.

First, CDNs are centralized. By nature, they are limited in their delivery capacity. Teleport Media plays a different role in the delivery ecosystem. Unlike CDN, Teleport Media provides several times more broadcast delivery sources, from which the viewers' player selects the best. Thus, there is no need for the remaining backup CDNs any more.

Our traction during the broadcast of FIFA World Cup 2018 gives us the confidence to support this model. At audiences of several million concurrent viewers on the same site and with several CDN suppliers, including Akamai, Teleport Media utilized more than 65% of all bandwidth, not only without compromising quality but also significantly increased the share of heavy bitrates in the consumption structure.

In this case, it is fair to say that on top of CDN, Teleport Media is the only backup provider and will undertake peak traffic of any volume. Along with the amount of traffic growth the quality issue arises. To maintain the quality level, we've implemented the following techniques:
Prioritizing the loading of the first chunks for the primary buffer fill exclusively from the CDN.
Selecting the "highest-quality" peers according to parameters, such as distance, average upload speed, connection quality, "peer health", etc. Constant availability of at least 60 sources for the selection of the best peer. Absolute prioritization of CDN as the best source when, for various reasons, content is unavailable in P2P.

These means guarantee that Teleport Media is able to maintain the highest possible broadcasting quality for each specific user.

Second, Teleport Media pricing model is quite adjustable. The "pay as you go" payment for consumed only traffic allows to refuse payments for an idle channel and charge for the number of viewers only.

It doesn't matter what bitrate do you use in the broadcast — 240p or 1080p or more — the cost of using Teleport Media will be the same (in proportion to the number of viewers who could download videos with our technology using peering). Teleport Media client pays the fixed price for each of 5K level of the active audience at each hour — it is a predictive and a fair contract price for the quality growing demand of your growing audience.

To get the true confirmation of our statements, the easiest way is to connect for a free 14 days trial of Teleport Media technology. By the time of making a decision, you will have an idea of how Teleport Media works on your network.

If you have any questions on Integration — just email us [email protected].

Enclose the link to the player on the site so we can inspect and estimate our efforts. Be sure Teleport Media takes over most of it anyway!