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Exciting Rebuffering Metrics

by Natalya Devyatkova | March 25, 2019
3 min read
Teleport Media is a sustainable and overload-secure CDN amplifier. It provides a quick and effective way to handle up to 80% of bandwidth with no quality loss. This is reached by moving the bandwidth to a decentralized environment.

Online broadcasters used to believe that media traffic loaded into a distributed network lost in quality and availability. In general, P2P CDNs are expected to be unstable and unreliable with files unavailable.

We prove them wrong. Сontent availability is on the highest priority for Teleport Media. Especially when we consider latency and buffering as the major online broadcasting problems faced today.

No more words. Here are the results from the average 150K audience sport stream:
live stat buffering and failures
The quality of broadcasting remains stable even in conditions of explosive growth of the audience. This results in a threefold reduction in buffering events and a fourfold reduction in delivery failure events.

The thing is, Teleport Media distributed network is designed the way that users once entered the P2P network got a significant reduction in buffering events in comparing with regular CDN consumers. Also, the same they got for data inaccessibility or delivery failures — the integral level of such events among "mixed" consumers is several times lower than CDN's.

Besides, there is no buffering in the Teleport Media distributed network due to its architecture: all broadcasting files are available on the network in 95% of the requests. If the data are not available, the player has enough time to download it from the CDN.
For example, Teleport Media needs only 2 sec to download a video of 10-sec length, so in the rest 8 sec, we can download the video chunk from wherever it is on the web.
That is why even in the case of file inaccessibility and, as a result, buffering, the same leeway is enough to wait or switch to another CDN (which not necessarily happens because P2P network can handle it).
Being flexible and adjustable according to the stream and unexpected peaks, a distributive network becomes a leader of content delivery smart approach.

Compared to the regular CDN services, Teleport Media solves not only rebuffering issues. It also shows better efficiency on high-loaded live streams in terms of broadcasting margin and bitrate quality. It gives a better result and a better cost on a traffic unit.

Compared to similar products, Teleport Media offers GDPR-compliant technology. In addition to the legal safety of delivery, the Teleport protocol is technically safe and resilient to the DDoS and fraud injections into the protocol.

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