Why CDN "sharks" lose their teeth

Smart CDN approach

by Natalya Devyatkova | March 30, 2019
5 min read
The real case of how a small team of experts in distributed Internet traffic and high load- solutions got a global CDN market share.

Got an idea!

People usually create something new when (1) the world has changed, and they realize it and have to adapt and use it for new opportunities — and better be very quick, or (2) they just make up a great tool right on time when the world needs it — such a nice sudden coincidence.

When we are thinking about the Internet, we actually mean web traffic in all of its forms. So in simple words, the traffic delivery and storage are core bones of the web functioning especially if you do media business online.

From CDN-dinosaurs to adaptive networks

Concerning tons of growing global traffic, server CDNs were the only solution for delivery until deсentralized technologies were introduced. Servers distribution and distributed delivery are like dinosaurs and robots. Absolutely different I mean. It had been a classical scheme to use servers (dinos) until the world was changed (a meteorite). What was the CDN meteorite like?

A massive amount of media traffic for a growing number of simultaneous viewers — that's not what CDNs were made for. Unexpected peaks, involuntary cancellations, buffering and latency made server delivery unreliable and unsustainable. Regular CDNs are not about flexibility, smart streaming or real load prediction. That's why they are not enough to provide the expected high-quality broadcasters and/or subscribers pay for. It results in consumer dissatisfaction and leads to a decrease in ratings, which overall affects online broadcasters reputation and jeopardize the business revenue.

live stat buffering and failures
So the digital world had to adapt, and the finest solution was found.

Decentralized CDNs or Smart CDNs build on Google WebRTC protocol are peer-to-peer adaptive and secure technologies to solve the growing problems of online broadcasters. This is proven by a number of companies leaders in the P2P CDN industry. Besides, thanks to digital resources that can be lent (to online broadcasters or whoever needs it for online traffic delivery) companies like Teleport Media build a distributed scalable network of nodes, which accelerates any media traffic over the web. That's the key point. Teleport Media is CDN amplifier. Into a distributed network viewers become sources of relaying traffic instead of servers — an unlimited source of traffic.
teleport media cdn structure
Teleport Media CDN
Scalable. Sustainable. Secure

Unlike traditional CDNs which are limited by the number of servers, Teleport Media scales with the growth of the audience. Each new consumer turns from a problem of the server overload, into a solution as an extra bandwidth source. As a CDN amplifier, Teleport Media ensures an ultimate service quality for online viewers even through times of peak loads.

With the core advantages as no extra redundancy, scalability which fits any audience growth, broadcasting capacity growth, latency and buffering events reduction, and an overall increase of video quality and its safety — distributed networks are now considered to be a more convenient method of content delivery.

Besides, the integration of Teleport Media is as simple as adding a few lines of JS to your online player. The Teleport Media code is compatible with major online video players and platforms, CDNs and media servers. It makes the integration with your custom video solution fast and easy. So the company aims to make it even easier by introducing the URL integration in the future. That's what we want to offer to online broadcaster's market as soon as possible.

Meet the real needs

With the stated advantages being not just empty words distributed networks can really make the difference. The high load-solutions presented by companies like Teleport Media meet the highest quality standards and the growing demand.

This year our team took a real part of global CDN market share when the solid national broadcaster did not extend the contract with the biggest CDN supplier preferring our technology to act like the only one automated supported CDN.

Another case is about the right move at the right time. To differ from natural competitors Teleport Media service has reached a new level and a new blockchain market. We were entirely sure that a blockchain-driven version of Teleport Media solution would strengthen our positions on the B2B market, as well as meet affiliates' and media companies' expectations, and let our partners' business prosper with technologies powered by Teleport Media. And so we got the insights that clients from the USA and Europe want to see all money transactions and make it transparent and safe. That's precisely what was the reason to implement the blockchain into Teleport Media CDN marketplace.

CDN Marketplace
CDN Marketplace by Teleport Global AG
Go smart

Peer-to-peer technologies were developing over the last 30 years. Nevertheless, even small improvements to existing solutions can really make a difference. As the global business goes digital new approaches for content delivery are on demand. Smart CDNs or offload CDNs with multistreaming capabilities and adaptive architecture will soon replace traditional server CDN approach. It is designed to save millions of dollars for online broadcasters and relieve them of the technical headache, so they can focus on developing the core business.

To be sure that distributed solutions are stable and secure, try our free trial period of 14 days and find out how effective our technology works. Follow the link to get connected:.

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