Teleport Media Overview 2018

by Natalya Devyatkova | January 26, 2019
4 min read
Dear partners and friends, we at Teleport Media are happy to continue our partnership and provide new solutions for the mutual growth of our businesses in 2019.

As the new year has just begun, we'd like to review some of Teleport Media achievements over 2018.

1 mln users test

The most impressive result our team has achieved during last year is a reach of 1 million users, now the cluster unit can serve that. It means that in 2019 Teleport Media is ready for new peaks due to the great work that we have done — we have proved that we can serve 1,000,000 simultaneous spectators without loss of quality.

We have made a series of necessary tests after challenging FIFA World Cup 2018. The most popular game that Teleport Media was responsible for regarding broadcasting was the Russia-Croatia game when we have successfully withstood a load of over 500K simultaneous viewers and 700 Gbps of traffic generated in our peering network.

Also, now, we grow and develop to be sure that we can successfully hold 1,000,000 viewers and 1 Tbps of speed in peering to be head-on for upcoming global events and serve our clients the best streaming.

Global events support

Besides, these two most popular global sports events in 2018 — the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup have become a real test of the work of our technology for us as developers, and for our clients too. We were able to show them the results of the productive work and the reliable technology provided by Teleport Media which can handle the highest demand. We have supported most of the National broadcasts of these events over Russia and have got a vast amount of insights of how does Teleport Media assist for lower buffering, better user quality of streaming and peak resistance.
New pricing model

We have also introduced a new user-based tariff plan with charging for the number of viewers. No need to count the amount of traffic in peering anymore. From now, choosing a new tariff plan, it doesn't matter what bitrate do you use in the broadcast — 240p or 1080p or more — the cost of using Teleport Media will be the same (in proportion to the number of viewers who could download videos with our technology using peering). Teleport Media client pays the fixed price for each of 5K level of the active audience at each hour — it is a predictive and a fair contract price for the quality growing demand of your growing audience.
Mumbai Broadcast Show

Teleport Media has successfully performed at Mumbai Broadcast Show with the use case "The key for unlimited quality for the unlimited audience" at the end of October 2018.

Teleport Media aims to the Indian market as one of the most important markets around the world. The primary issue is that Asian bandwidth of traffic is as massive as the audience and there is a great demand for the video content of high quality and convenient format for more than one and a half billion of users and hundreds of OTT companies which strive to deliver better quality in the broader audience. That is why Teleport enters the Indian market as one of the most promising.

During the whole business mission to India, we've got dozens of companies' requests which means that many Asian companies are ready to use Teleport Media solution on their platforms. Among them, there were significant OTT and TV broadcasting companies, integration companies, OTT platforms, and minor players. We are ready to work with all of them no matter how big or small they are. Teleport Media got several agreements to create a proof of concept, conduct technical testing and figure out proposals for future implementation. We also would like to announce that we are also looking for the partner on the Indian market who will be ready to take part in the promotion and sales process in India on behalf of Teleport Media.

Swiss-based Teleport Global AG headquarters

Moreover, Teleport Media has opened the headquarters in Switzerland. This means now we can make and serve direct contracts with major European broadcasters in a comfortable way on behalf of European-registered Teleport Global AG company.

NODR network

One of the most significant steps that have been taken in 2018 was the start of developing of Teleport Media private blockchain to drive the decentralized content delivery. This opens to the world the opportunity of lending the unused personal bandwidth of connected device in favor of the broadcasters demand. In our vision, NODR, this blockchain-driven project of Teleport Media, aims to grow from the application into the huge network of nodes around the globe in order to optimize the way traffic is distributed on the web — this is going to be the next internet made for people by people.

It was such a great 2018, and we are sure of all the best in 2019! Stay tuned for updates!

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Yours sincerely,
Teleport Media