Introducing Bitmovin to the Russian market

Teleport Media & Bitmovin at CSTB 2020

by Natalya Devyatkova | February 17, 2020
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Introducing Bitmovin to the Russian market

CSTB Telecom & Media is the most significant event at the beginning of the year for the television and telecommunications industry in Russia and CIS. This year, we were honored to introduce Bitmovin as our strategic partner to the Russian community of media experts.

CSTB Telecom & Media in figures: over 20 special business forum sessions on the most relevant market topics, more than 250 top speakers, 3,000 business program listeners, more than 270 world-famous brands and 26,000 visitors during 3 days of the exhibition. It's also the only practice-oriented event in Russia where market and government representatives share ideas, where the attendees can learn how to transform business for its further development, and get advice from top experts.

Opening the calendar year, CSTB Moscow show and forum have consolidated the status not only as a launchpad for new projects in broadcasting and telecommunication industry but also as a center for accumulating main trends in the global ecosystem of TV viewing and video consumption. CSTB exhibitors are not only content providers and distributors, media holdings and TV channels, multi-service operators and TV companies, among them there are digital platforms, content aggregators, film companies and production studios, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, high-tech and IT companies, consulting and analytical agencies, and industrial associations. In other words, everyone is there. And the new market players are very welcome.

CSTB 2020: welcome, Bitmovin

This year at CSTB Teleport Media presented not only updated products but also our new strategic partner — Bitmovin — a leading provider of video software and cloud infrastructure for digital media companies and enterprises globally. Bitmovin's adaptive infrastructure for streaming video on the Internet, including modern encoding systems, analytics, and its own video player are trusted by BBC, Hulu, Periscope, New York Times, Turner, Redbull, and this is not the whole list. Soon top telecom companies and OTT/VOD services from Russia will be in.

At the CSTB, representatives of Russian TV/online TV, telecom and IT-companies learned about Bitmovin's developers' tools (which have no analogs in the Russian and CIS markets), about innovations and advantages of Bitmovin solutions, recognized as one of the best on the world scale. The cooperation of encoding products with P2P video CDN is also new to the market. However, both teams have a really good reason for it.

Why Teleport Media & Bitmovin cooperation is important for the Russian market?

A true hallmark of the Russian and CIS markets is that traditionally even new companies use their own technical base for video processing and playback, and a closed analytics ecosystem. However, the realities of the development of online video services, the growing demand for premium quality video at high playback speeds, as well as growing competition on the market, partner interactions or just a sales process, make it necessary to apply new solutions. It happens quite often that companies have no resources to make changes or develop new technologies internally themselves. Meanwhile, they are not sure about the compatibility and security of integrated products from the outside. To compete with global services in terms of quality, not just price, Russian OTT/VOD services need top of the line technologies as reliable as Bitmovin.

Having successfully established itself on Russian and foreign markets with anti-piracy technologies and the latest solutions for video delivery in peer-to-peer, Teleport Media has earned an excellent reputation and good customers and partners who trust our expertise. So we were thrilled to introduce Bitmovin products to them.

Regarding the Russian and CIS market, Teleport Media's support is to oversee Bitmovin's presence, to adapt their products to the market, and to assist with communications and deals. In turn, this collaboration will help us, as Bitmovin's official partner, to reach a greater potential audience for our own products not only on the local market, but also to increase sales on international markets. With mutual support we'll grow stronger and more competitive, opening new doors with better offers made together rather than one by one. That's what strategic partnership is for us.

What did Teleport Media and Bitmovin present together at CSTB 2020?

Teleport Media and Bitmovin products perfectly complement each other as a bundle to reduce client's costs for video processing, playback, video storage, and CDN, to increase video quality, and as a result — improve the viewer experience and cut the customer's expenses. The same vision of the VidTech market allows Teleport Media and Bitmovin to efficiently complement any architecture of video production, storage, and delivery.

At CSTB, we've showcased new solutions that can be implemented alone or together, up to the client:

  • Bitmovin Per-title encoding for large VOD libraries compresses video much more efficiently and reduces storage and broadcast costs several times.
  • Teleport Media P2P CDN reduces the need for external CDNs by 80% for live content and 40% for VOD.

At the moment we don't have a joint product, however Teleport Media plug-in for Bitmovin Player is ready to use. For more info please visit the doc page.


CSTB 2020 was only the first step for the partnership, and it was successful indeed. During 3 days of the exhibition, we have defined future opportunities and have concluded several contracts with our joint clients. We also held more than 40 booth meetings. We personally thank Igor Oreper, VP Solutions, and Chris Milne, Sales Director EMEA, for being there with us.

Bitmovin team is ready to participate next year at CSTB 2021.
This is the result that speaks for itself!