Teleport Media Opens Indian Market

by Natalya Devyatkova | January 18, 2019
3 min read
Teleport Media has successfully performed at Mumbai Broadcast Show with the use case "The key for unlimited quality for the unlimited audience" at the end of October 2018.
Teleport Media aims to the Indian market as one of the most important markets around the world. The major issue is that Asian bandwidth of traffic is as huge as the audience and there is a great demand for the video content of high quality and convenient format for more than one and a half billion of users and hundreds of OTT companies which strive to deliver better quality on the wider audience. That is why Teleport Media enters the Indian market as one of the most promising.

For this, we decided to participate in the Broadcast India Show to get to know our future clients, to understand their needs in terms of growing the quality and lowering the delivery costs. Also, we intended to show the capabilities of the Teleport Media platform, to perform with our latest use cases and speak about the results that we achieved in these use cases.

Moreover, Broadcast India Show is one of the most important expos on the OTT market of India and around the world, so we were glad to perform there with our booth and to show our best content balancing technologies. We also had a chance to use the conference speaking slot on the first day of the event. Teleport Media Business Development Officer and the co-founder Dmitri Shuvaev performed the product and the most significant results and benefits that we got so far.
In addition, personal contact is very important in India. Therefore, Teleport Media team took this chance and visited India to meet our prospective clients, the major OTT and TV broadcasting networks in India. Nevertheless, the exhibition took place in Mumbai, we spent a couple of days in Delhi in order, among other things, to meet with major broadcasting game makers: DoordarshanTV and NDTV which have a multimillion audience of online viewers.
Teleport Media product got a very high estimation. Indian broadcasters were impressed with the technology which enables to deliver online video to customers with 40% less latency and 30% better quality at the same infrastructure costs.

In both cases, there was an agreement to create a proof of concept, conduct technical testing and figure out proposals for future implementation so as to make Teleport Media first steps on the way to the Indian market with these major players.

During the whole business mission to India, we've got dozens of companies' requests which means that many Asian companies are ready to use Teleport Media solution on their platforms. Among them, were major OTT and TV broadcasting companies, integration companies, OTT platforms, and minor players. We are ready to work with all of them no matter how big or small they are. Right now we are about to start technical test implementations with the majority of them after the Diwali is over. And we would like to announce that we are also looking for the partner on the Indian market who will be ready to take part in the promotion and sales process in India on behalf of Teleport Media.

Teleport Media operates as a new type of Content Delivery Network (CDN), offering unlimited scalability in a peer-to-peer network when installed as a plug-in to the existing traffic delivery infrastructure and conventional CDN. Teleport Media's Live Streaming delivers real-time traffic with the quality of a premium CDN at a significantly lower cost. Teleport Media is developing its own blockchain-driven solution that will introduce cryptocurrency to pay for direct device-to-device content exchange.