Upgraded offload efficiency up to 75%

Teleport Media v.4.0

by Dmitri Evans | April 12, 2019
2 min read
Previous Teleport Media version 3.0 showed good results even on the vast amount of football games audience during FIFA World cup 2018.

However, the data collected since that time has revealed the technology's weak points. So we had to use the chance to improve the Teleport Media efficiency. Also, the need for the upgrade arose as we develop NODR app, a blockchain-driven version of Teleport Media solution. Now we are working to unify Teleport Media for all types of viewers and to simplify switching the blockchain module. This is Teleport Media v.4.0.

Here are the major crucial improvements to increase localization in peering, made in a new version of Teleport Media:

1. Synchronous data transfer
synchronous data transfer
A peer which requested a piece of media content will get it immediately no matter to other data connection flows. In previous versions, a peer could send data to another peer only if it had already finished downloading.
2. Nonstop connectivity
nonstop connectivity
Now data seamlessly continues to download from a CDN or another peer in case if the previous source which was supposed to be an uploader has left the network. Previously, we would have lost all the data downloaded if the peer had been disconnected, so we had to re-download it again from scratch.
Both of these improvements add the technology about 5–8% of percentage points to offload efficiency, and consequently, turn the average 60% into 75%.

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