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Teleport Media
meets Muvi

by Natalya Devyatkova | April 1, 2019
2 min read
We at Teleport Media are pleased to announce the partnership with Muvi! And we are looking forward to making beneficial projects together and share ideas, vision, and technologies.
muvi partnership
Muvi enables video content owners to easily monetize it beyond the borders of traditional advertising. They do this by offering a self-service white label platform, using which video content owners can launch their own Multi-Screen Video Streaming (Live & On-Demand) platform. Muvi partners with the leading technology companies in the world including Amazon Web Services, Adobe, and IBM to offer the best of breed solution to its customers, and Teleport Media now joins the list.
"We are thrilled to have Teleport Media onboard," said Ashish Padhy, Head of Partnerships, Muvi. "Marking a distinction, the partnership brings forth a strategic collaboration between Muvi and Teleport Media, two eminent players in the OTT industry, who share the mutual objective of seamless content delivery with best-in-class support right from hosting. Teleport Media operates under the Content Delivery Network (CDN) domain that builds peer-to-peer networks in real-time for uninterrupted video delivery and is pitch perfect for Muvi's CDN-inclusive, end-to-end platform putting any content distribution worry at bay."
Now any of Muvi clients who build their OTT sites can use the opportunities to stream better with Teleport Media P2P content delivery onboard.
"We at Teleport Media are interested in partnerships with OVPs and its services," said Dmitri Evans, Business Development Executive at Teleport Media. "This is a triple-win strategy as Muvi offers the technology that allows giving better service for clients as well as the profits to end users. Teleport Media sets the same goals. We are happy to become part of Muvi partner program. For us, it means an expansion of the market and gives access to customers united by a single technological platform. This simplifies the integration and allows to provide a service with a consistently stable level of quality. Together we are going to develop best solutions for online broadcasters and spectators, and to address the ever-growing video delivery challenges."
One more partnership agreement, conditions, and opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation between Teleport Media blockchain version powered by the NODR network, and the Ebacus, A Blockchain 3.0 for Games and other dApps, is currently discussed by founders.