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Strategic partnership: Teleport Media & Bitmovin

by Natalya Devyatkova | December 5, 2019
3 min read
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Teleport Media is thrilled to announce our new strategic partnership with Bitmovin. After successfully completing our integration, we're ready to work together on an increasingly saturated Russian VidTech market. Teleport Media is the first technological partner of Bitmovin in Russia and CIS.
Partnership in the Making: Our Story

Since NAB 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, we've been working together with Bitmovin on multiple joint projects. Through our ongoing interactions and acquisition of mutual customers from IBC 2019 in Amsterdam we've reached an ideal point of business intersection. And thus, we're forging an official partnership between our companies a strategic step towards the future with a unified goal of providing the highest quality video technologies.

As one of the top video experts in the Russian/CIS market, Teleport Media will provide extensive market entry support for Bitmovin products. We're excited to extend our expertise by partnering with the provider of 2019 Streaming Media Europe Readers' Choice Awards award-winning Online Video Platform and the best Cloud Encoding Solution!

The Russian VidTech and OTT market is of high interest to Bitmovin as there's been a huge positive shift in 2019 towards VOD solutions. According to the Digital 2019: Russian Federation 2019 Report, the Russian/CIS has experienced a twofold increase in OTT revenues and steady growth in viewership:
  • ~110 million individuals watch video online on a daily basis (more than any individual country in the European market);
  • About 75% of the market has Internet access; with some of the fastest and cheapest global download speeds;
  • Steady growth in demand for newly launched VOD and/or OTT services with premium content.
The Perfect Match: Teleport Media & Bitmovin products

Teleport Media and Bitmovin have the same vision of the VidTech market: to develop, maintain, and provide the best video streaming quality that viewers can experience. Positive user perception is the main measure to track our success. As a result, we're continuously improving our respective video streaming products to meet the highest standards and expectations of both online broadcasters and the end consumer, real viewers!

Our teams' equal motivation to deliver broadcast quality video in the most cost-effective and platform-neutral manner to the largest number of streaming devices and growing audience bases, makes this partnership a perfect fit. Teleport Media's goal is to accelerate video delivery with 3X lower rebuffering speeds by offloading in-house CDN traffic by up to 75%; all while enabling comparable per GB savings for broadcasters bitrates. The same applies for Bitmovin's wide range of encoding solutions (now available on the Russian market!); which are designed to decrease costs on storage & CDN and to enable content to be delivered up to 100x real-time, in the objectively highest possible qualities.

This leads us to our technological compatibilities — Teleport Media's solution is designed to be embedded into a video player in the last phase of the video supply chain before the content reaches the end-user. One of Bitmovin's top products is a premium broadcast quality video player trusted by major online broadcasters (like Hulu, BBC, and HBO). In fact! You can already find the Teleport Media plugin for the Bitmovin player available in Bitmovin documentation suite.
To Summarize — The Future of Video

As Bitmovin's Head of Partner Management EMEA, Uli Hessdörfer stated:
"Our network of commercial and technology partnerships helps customers to make their video service better — every day. With Teleport Media we have a partner who combines strong technical skills and great local market know-how."
Teleport Media and Bitmovin partnership is the evolution of video — the pairing of our respective products allows both organizations to effectively complement any kind of video delivery architecture. This is how we both plan to meet the growing demand of emerging markets like Russia and CIS.

For us, this strategic partnership is a part of our global business development plan and creates countless new sales opportunities. As leaders in our respective markets, we're both working hard to constantly improve our products and to distribute video content at the level of quality as it was originally made by its creator.

We are excited to introduce Bitmovin products to the market on CSTB Moscow Show 2020 at the end of January!