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BRAND NEW Teleport Media Dashboard

First, let me remind you what our software is about, who our customers are and how we make their lives easier.

Teleport Media SaaS is designed for employees of online video services who are interested in finding and testing ways to deliver media content faster, cheaper & secure. It all aims to improve key service metrics, scale video delivery and viewer reach, and optimize video delivery costs.

Teleport Media clients — mostly video streaming services — install JavaScript code on their websites or mobile apps (following Documentation) that acts as a "proxy" for video player requests to the URLs of the client's default CDN. The purpose of this "proxy" is simple: if the next chunk is in the P2P network, grab it there, otherwise download it from the traditional CDN. During playback, Teleport Media monitors key quality indicators to select the best video source - our P2P network or the source CDN.

Teleport Media software does not require special equipment for installation and use, however technical knowledge of setting up a new account and installing the video player wrapper in the web or mobile application is required. Management of the software can be carried out through Teleport Media Dashboard or using the advanced API. The software can be accessed online.

In this Teleport Media User Guide we explain step by step how to register a new Dashboard User — create an account, join the team, connect the domain, and then set the statistic configuration to see how and what traffic is going into the peer-to-peer network.


Let's start with registering a new account, which you can do by using your email in two ways: in a dashboard itself or following an invitation link.

1. How to register an account in Teleport Media Dashboard yourself

Follow the link, indicate your current email in the appropriate field, tick the boxes to agree with Teleport Media Terms of Service (clickable, you can read it) and, if you wish, to agree to receive additional marketing materials on the Teleport Media project, and then click Create account. 

Pic. 1. New account registration screen

After that you'll be getting an email with your personal activation link. It will look like this:

Pic.2. Email with the activation link

Open the email, click Create my account, and login to your account in the Teleport Media Dashboard in a new tab. See how it will look like:

Pic. 3. Account login screen

On this page, you fill in the required fields, create a unique password (no strict password requirements, except for a minimum length of 6 characters), and click Start. Now you have a new registered and confirmed account in the Teleport Media dashboard.

NB! Without email confirmation your Teleport Media account will not be confirmed and further settings will not be available.

2. How to register in Teleport Media Dashboard using an invitation link

Check, you might have received an email from a friend or colleague - this is your invitation to join the Team in Teleport Media dashboard. In this case, to register as a new team member and activate your account kindly follow the invitation link in the email. It looks like this:
Pic. 4. Email with an invitation link to joint the Team

You need to open the email, click the Go to dashboard button, and then log in to your account in the Teleport Media dashboard in a new tab. This is how it will look like:

Pic. 5. Account login screen following the Team invitation link

In the appropriate field you type only your password (password requirements: no restrictions except for the length of at least 6 characters). And press the Let me in button. Now you have a new registered and confirmed account in the Teleport Media dashboard.

NB! Without email confirmation via the given invitation link your admission to the Teleport Media Team account will not be confirmed and further settings in accordance with your status in the Team will not be available.

Congratulations! You are a registered Teleport Media dashboard user! The next step is to join and activate the domain. After that you will connect the statistics.


After you have created an account in the Teleport Media dashboard, you can link a domain to start trying the peer-to-peer video delivery. There may be several domains and subdomains attached in one personal account. This depends on how your stream is organized and where the traffic comes from. Let's explore how to link and activate your domain.

Pic. 6. Connecting a new domain screen

Domain activation is carried out in two steps in the Integration — Add domains section of the Teleport Media dashboard: 

Step 1. Confirm the rights to the specified domain in one of the suggested ways shown on Pic. 6. After entering the appropriate code click on Verify my domain. You will receive a confirmation email, it will look like this:

Pic. 7. Domain confirmation email to verify the rights

Step 2. Place the Teleport Media script on your web or mobile app, according to the Documentation, selecting the appropriate wrapper for the player. There is also a link to the Documentation in the lower left corner of the My Account page. If the player you need is not listed among the suggested wrappers, please contact Teleport Media Support — everything can be solved!

Pic. 8. Selecting a video player wrapper

You can now run the Teleport Media software with any video player on this domain and all its subdomains. Please read the Documentation to learn how to integrate Teleport Media with a video player you use.

A special authorization key was automatically created for the specified domain. You can use it free of charge for test purposes at the basic free level for 1'000 simultaneous viewers.

Depending on your subscription plan, you can create different access keys with specific configuration parameters to manage the Teleport Media operation to maximize the value for your business. To upgrade your plan, please contact Andrei Klimenko

After domain rights are confirmed and the Teleport Media script is successfully installed on your video player, in the My domains section you will see active, inactive, remote domains - Pic. 9, and user keys to them — Pic. 10. At the same stage you can apply different settings to the keys and domains, like activate, deactivate, delete. Keys are the main element for collecting statistics, so let's proceed with it.

Pic. 9. Domains configuration screen: active, inactive, deleted domains

Pic. 10. Verified domains user keys control stage


On the statistics screen, there is a tab created by default called "Active traffic". This tab is important because it has a list, which is formed on the basis of the state of the keys.
The advantage of this tab is that the statistics will be generated only for active keys, starting from day (selected by default), week and month. The statistics shows Bandwidth - traffic, Viewers — the number of viewers, and on the tab Layout — connected Efficiency indicators (in % of total traffic — how much was uploaded to the P2P network), Buffering — by what level it was reduced, as well as the Upload Speed.

Pic. 11. The statistics screen for the selected domain and user key

The list inside the "Active traffic" tab cannot be changed.
When the status of the key is changed, the tab "Active traffic" will be changed according to the status of new changes.
Also, for more flexible configuration of the list, to get statistics on specific keys, you can add a tab by clicking on the +.

There can be no more than 5 tabs in total (together with the "Active traffic").
The formation (creation / addition) of a new tab, passes without selecting the keys. It is only possible to form a list of keys to the categories to which they belong on the basis of their status.
Further, by clicking on the checkbox — "on" — a particular key becomes active, and you get its statistics on the graph.

The same by removing it on the checkbox — "off" — a particular key becomes inactive, so the statistics on this key are not displayed on the graph.
The states of the lists in the tabs are saved in accordance with the user's preference. You can also change the name and delete the tabs.

Thanks for tests and feedback, enjoy NEW Teleport Media Dashboard!

Teleport Media Team