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Teleport Media Overview 2021

Renewed CDN, more clients, new horizons: the year of discoveries, online meetings & fun!

1/ Thank you!

First of all, I’d like to thank the Teleport Media team, amazing and devoted people working in different countries, for the mutual vision of the product development and cohesive work on any task! Teleport Media is you and me, and all the updates, news and events of 2021 were made possible thanks to our teamwork. Thank you!

2/ Welcome VOD & low latency clients!

Due to technology specifics, our product consistently shows up to 75% efficiency on live, although on video-on-demand it was below 40%. This cut off a big share of the steaming services market, and we understood that we could bring these companies the same benefits as for live broadcast: reduced buffering, maximum scaling, improved video delivery costs. We just need to fine tune the way we deliver.

In 2021 we solved this problem by optimising peering technologies and creating a hybrid network including P2P and a network of assisting servers. They are located in data centres along with Teleport Media CDN servers, but they can also be managed by various independent contractors (already testing), and they can also be our customers' servers, which can utilise their spare capacity this way. These external plug-in servers are called the NODR network, and in the last quarter of 2021 alone, they transferred more than 6,051 Tbps. Thanks to the hybrid network, we’re ramping up uninterrupted video delivery in the places where we need it most: remote regions, poor internet areas, and the few data centres areas.

So, we’ve organised a full-fledged support for on-demand and low latency streaming cases. NODR servers have already increased the efficiency of Teleport Media P2P CDN for VOD to 70%+ in 2021, and they also support consistently high quality with a large share of peering traffic for low latency streaming.

3/ Teleport Media P2P CDN Tech Updates

In 2021, we focused on R&D that aimed to improve video quality and reduce buffering. For example, our technology reduces player buffering by 50%. Read more about it in the article Online TV case.

When working on live broadcasts of EURO 2020 matches in high quality, we came up with a solution to accelerate filling of the video buffer with Full HD+ video fragments and called this solution — Race Download. The task of this solution is to compensate for the unpredictable peer-to-peer download speed and split the requested video fragment into 2−3 more pieces, allowing to simultaneously download several parts of the video fragment to the buffer from different (most reliable) peers. More details in the article EURO 2020 in P2P.

By the end of the year we noticeably increased levels of protection of viewers' devices and delivered video content from infringing activities, and painted five different scenarios of how Teleport Media CDN can do it in the article How Teleport Media secures video delivery for OTT services.

And the last, but not the least, in 2021 Teleport Media continued to invent and improve the content delivery, and filed three new patents for its proprietary technology.

4/ Events & achievements

In 2021 the Teleport Media team worked at several exhibitions of the Russian media streaming industry, including IP Quorum and CSTB in Moscow, and KINO EXPO in St. Petersburg. We’re looking forward to attending more industry shows in 2022 in Russia and beyond.

In October 2021 we were included in the TOP10 technological solutions for the National Media Group in the Media Gate contest of innovative projects. The Media Gate contest is aimed to select the best industry solutions and pilot them on the services of the NMG group in 2022. NMG is the largest private media group in Russia, the pay TV country leader that manages Netflix service in Russia and the broadcasting of international TV channels like Discovery, Eurosport, Warner Media, Viasat, Sony, as well as Fox, National Geographic and UFC in Russia. It’s a great success to be one of the finalists among 205 teams from 10 countries!

5/ Teleport Media + Bitmovin

Our partnership continued to grow rapidly in 2021. We made a lot of successful marketing activities together, for example in February we had Virtual Wine Tasting, where we gathered the stars of the Russian media market in a zoom meeting for remote wine testing, and had a great time with wine quiz!

We also took part in several global webinars, for example, we had a chance to speak at the panel discussion on video streaming technologies development among the representatives of the top international Bitmovin partners such as AWS, Dalet, G&L, and Unified Streaming at the Video Tech trends 2021 online conference. And later we took part in Bitmovin Multicultural Demo Days with Bitmovin product suite presentation in Russian coupled with Teleport Media technology that contributes to the main Bitmovin values.

Together we did several joint articles for Bitmovin blog, in which we described ways to save operational costs while using the most advanced encoding, video storage and delivery technologies, as well as bitrate upscale, which happens automatically without additional costs, if you choose the right settings, which provides the best visual quality ever! Bitmovin, thanks for the opportunity to spread the word to a huge audience of colleagues, clients, partners, and engineers!

Teleport Media continued to represent Bitmovin on the Russian market as an official reseller. As a result of the teams' joint efforts, thousands of minutes of video were encoded last year, so that Russian services can show content in 4K to the maximum number of viewers on any modern device.

Dear colleagues, partners and friends, have a very happy New Year! Let 2022 be successful for your business development & company growth!