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Video: Bitmovin Live APAC Edition 2020

We were excited to take part in Bitmovin Live APAC Edition series of partners' webinars on June 22nd, 2020. Teleport Media CEO Andrey Klimenko was hosting a LIVE discussion on ‘How to provide better visual quality of LIVE & VOD content and decrease your costs by half". You can now access the recording at your convenience.

The focus of Andrey’s speech is how Bitmovin’s encoding services and Teleport Media’s peer-to-peer CDN services complement each other and help online broadcasters to control costs, mitigate risk, and manage video delivery workflow. Get a closer look at how P2P CDN delivers video compared to traditional server CDN, and how it helps to solve complex delivery tasks no matter what type of CDN strategy you apply.

When it comes to LIVE and VoD streaming at scale, this is where the size really matters. Using sophisticated encoding could reduce your video library size by 40%. At the same time, using a simple JS plugin to Bitmovin video player allows reducing the price of each GB delivered by 50%. Both dramatically reduce your CDN bills and the cost of in-house storage and delivery! This allows you to grow your business and profits, and to keep the highest quality of streaming during the major traffic spike, up to millions of concurrent viewers. It all results in revenue increase because your viewers won’t be lost.

Teleport Media and Bitmovin combine these advanced technologies to let you provide a truly impressive viewer experience!

With any specific tasks on video delivery that Teleport Media and Bitmovin services may help you or your OTT clients with together or apart, apply to connect to our video tech experts to get more details Teleport Media.