Teleport Media Enterprise

A plug-in to most commonly used enterprise video conference solutions that solve the scalability problem and lets you stream townhall events or massive conferences onto thousands of simultaneous viewers.

Make your video conference unstoppable

Global reach

Bring all your team from any remote locations together, regardless of the internet access quality.

Get everyone together, keep all of them connected


Get full control over access to your conferences. Use on-premise version for most sensitive private conferences. Get know of unauthorized records using invisible forensic watermarking.


Let your colleagues join the conference from any internet-connected device, without special hardware of software.

Video quality

Be sure the congestion control will adjust to the network conditions of all participants to keep the video quality at the highest possible level.
Teleport Media Enterprise turns every viewer's device into a video redistributing node. So all participating viewers get multiple sources of video instead of a single one and help each other get the content if the network breaks under pressure.

It is a JS plugin to a number of commonly used video players that is installed in a few minutes and start working instantly.
peer to peer cdn

How it works

What enterprise streaming solution are you using today?

We can make it work better.