How Teleport
Media works?

Teleport media mediaplayer overlay
Teleport media mediaplayer overlay
Teleport media mediaplayer overlay
Teleport Media provides the turnkey solution for Live streaming services and OTT broadcasters that ensures video delivering with higher quality to a much wider audience.
Video delivery supply chain
Teleport media delivery chain
Such workflow allows offloading most of the traffic from CDN to a multi-source distributed network that maintains the highest possible delivery quality, lowers rebuffering and gives the basis for bitrate growth.
Teleport Media is plugged in your video player at the last dime of content consumery. It effectively complements any delivery architecture with an overlay of JS plugins and self-balancing cloud that loosens dependency on your infrastructure from the audience size.
Client playout powered by Teleport Media

The basics.

The patented technology of peer-to-peer delivery offers the opportunity of using the WebRTC protocol to stream licensed content in compliance with the license agreement of the content on all types of smart devices.
Teleport Media solution securely delivers prepared, pre-segmented, and HTTP-based live and on-demand streaming media, including the following formats.
Due to GDPR-compliant technology in addition to the legal safety of delivery, Teleport Media protocol is technically safe and resilient to the DDoS and fraud injections into the protocol.
Teleport Media GDPR Compliancy

Core benefits of Teleport Media technology.

Teleport Media is a sustainable and overload-secure CDN amplifier. Whether you're thinking about acquiring a new audience or upgrading your video broadcasting format, we offer an infinite opportunity for scaling your existing infrastructure. On top of existing CDN Teleport Media scales with the growth of the audience and turn each new viewer from the source of the problem — "server load", into another source of traffic.


Teleport media scalability
Teleport media scalability
Teleport Media provides a quick and effective way to handle up to 80% of bandwidth. It eliminates traffic delivery failures in our distributed network due to its architecture: all broadcasting files are available on the network in 95% of the requests. If the data is not available, the player has enough time to download it from the CDN. With Teleport Media the quality of broadcasting remains stable even in conditions of explosive growth of the audience.

Peak resilience.

Teleport media peak resilience
Teleport media peak resilience

How Teleport Media maintains high streaming quality.

Teleport Media at a player cold startup
Teleport Media during content playback
The first chunks for the initial buffer filling are downloaded exclusively from the CDN.
Absolute prioritization of CDN as the best source. Time of receiving the file is no more than 1/4 of the allowed timeout of delivery time to eliminate potential buffering.
Teleport Media script availability
Teleport Media multiple content sources
Teleport Media provides script access by own independent peer-to-peer CDN. Once the connection between players is established, the subsequent connection and file exchange occurs without the need for a script.
Each chunk is downloaded from the "best of best" peers chosen from the 60 connected sources.
If for a short period of time P2P sources become unreachable, our algorithm prioritizes CDN.

Broadcasting quality for each specific user is a priority metric

Teleport Media is multiplatform.

It runs as set of plugins for any JS player on Web, Android, iOS or Smart-TV.

Teleport Media multiplatform
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Video players supported:
Generic HTML5
Brightcove (5.x and 6.x)
Azure Media Player
JW Player (7 and 8)
Bitmovin Player (5.x, 6.x, and 7.x)
Ooyala Player (V4)
THEOplayer (2.x)
Flowplayer (7.x)
Comcast Technology
Solutions/thePlatform PDK (5 & 6)
Akamai Media Player
Apple iOS (8+)
Android/ExoPlayer (v2)

Roku (in beta)
Apple TV tvOS (9+)
Fire TV
Any custom solution like in-house JS player or Set-top-box can be provided after a technical overview.

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