Easy 3-step integration to get Teleport Media on board.

Step 1. Domain validation
15 minutes /
1 Frontend engineer
Sign up to Teleport Media and confirm the email address in the incoming mail.
Validation process:
To add new domain:
Teleport Media Integration
Follow to the "Integration" tab and add the domain where the media player will be initializing.

The connected domain should be the one, where your media player is initialized.
If your media player runs on your CDN provider' domain and you just embed it on your website, then you have to confirm the CDN provider's domain to proceed with integration.

Or ask them to assist you with this.
Teleport Media Integration
Proceed through the domain validation process in any of the following methods: META tag, HTML file, dnsTXT or CNAME.
Teleport Media Integration
After domain ownership is confirmed (usually within a few minutes) you'll find the custom API key for the added domain in the "My Domains" tab.

Use this API key to link the Teleport Media plugin with your account.
Teleport Media Integration
You are now one step away from having Teleport Media on board
Step 2. Integration
1 Hour /
1 Frontend engineer
Compatibility disclaimer. Provide us with the latest player release to check out if we're compatible with the latest version.
Initialization. Use your API key to add Teleport Media script on page.
Place teleport.js strictly inside the <head> section before the video-player initialization.

After the Teleport Media library is connected, you need to initialize it. Initialization options may vary depending on the player you use.

Check the list of players
we have already been integrated with.

If you use another player contact us to get your personal Tech Guide.
Step 3. Fine tuning
On demand /
1 Streaming engineer
With Teleport Media embedded into your player, adjust the peering network according to your needs:
1. A/B split
Use the Network Load Balancer to split the audience into P2P-connected and Not P2P-connected if A/B testing is required.

2. Automation
Use automated or manual settings to turn on or off the P2P traffic up to 100% of the audience.
3. Customization
Use client settings in terms of connected devices, networks, events, audiences, titles or ISP.
4. Mobile sensitive
Optional mobile ISP peering settings.
Feel free to manage mobile users in the network to prevent them from traffic overspending.
5. Segment size
For best peering, set the segment duration to 5 seconds, and buffer ahead to 30 seconds, see your player documentation for how to do this.
6. Full transparency
No changes on your media platform required — Teleport Media runs as a transparent proxy between video player and CDN and is agnostic for any broadcasting components.

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