Let’s develop a winning video strategy, together.
Whether you provide Media-player technologies or Video-Streaming verticals; CDN services or Technology selling, we at Teleport invite you for partnership. Teleport amplifies any streaming product with extra advantages of decentralized content delivery and provides outstanding streaming quality to end clients.
Teleport Media scales the business,
the audience, the revenue
For video platforms & streaming services
As an easy-to-implement solution, Teleport Media complements your current proposal for content streamers.

Whether listed as an item in your solutions marketplace or as a part of your platform, when Teleport Media is pre-integrated, any client could easily use it for CDN amplification.
For Media-player developers
Teleport Media allows embedding the function of distributed content delivery in any JS media player.

Any streamer is enough to get an API key to improving the parameters of its broadcast. Moreover, we will share with you the revenue from its traffic costs.
For system integrators
Teleport Media's signature destination is to build and sell best-in-class video solutions to revolutionize video delivery over the web and make it available for any media customer everywhere.

If you have strong knowledge of Broadcasting market in your region and already support technical solutions for this vertical, we'll be glad to contact you.
We believe that together we can do
a whole lot more
"Our partnership brings forth a strategic collaboration between Muvi and Teleport Media, two eminent players in the OTT industry. We share the mutual objective of seamless content delivery with the best-in-class support right from hosting. Teleport Media operates under CDN domain that builds peer-to-peer networks in real-time for uninterrupted video delivery and is pitch perfect for Muvi's CDN-inclusive, end-to-end platform putting any content distribution worry at bay."
Ashish Padhy
Head of Partnerships, Muvi
"Our network of commercial and technology partnerships helps customers to make their video service better — every day. With Teleport Media we have a partner who combines strong technical skills and great local market know-how."
Uli Hessdörfer
Head of Partner Management EMEA, Bitmovin

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