Offload existing CDN to improve video quality and reduce broadcasting costs.

No extra CAPEX for audience growth and higher bitrate

No latency or delivery failure in peak loads

No extra cost for idle bandwidth channel while low demand

No need to get additional CDN suppliers

CDN offload
CDN offload
CDN offload
CDN offload

Our distributed delivery platform makes your streaming a better product.

Everyone who tunes in, organically procures the capacity of the whole delivery network, expanding it as demand grows no matter how large the audience gets.
CDN offload

Deep and remarkable streaming benefits for any associate.

Technical aspects

Teleport media for CTO
Teleport media for CIO
Lower buffering and raise content availability in peaks
Save costs
Increase bitrate
Save costs
Decrease transactional issues
Handle the overloads by demand
Get extra opportunity to supply your internal SLA
Lower the packet rate on your server

Product quality

Teleport media for Digital producer
Teleport media for revenue
Increase bitrate and overall streaming quality
Raise first conversion
Decrease churn rate
Decrease churn rate
Grow margin
Stop losing audience
Raise unit economy of pay tariffs
No dependency on infrastructure costs
Easy to install
Handle growing
audience issues
Low buffering
Teleport Media P2P
Side CDN
Own infrastructure

Compare Teleport Media to other industry solutions.

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