Teleport Media Story

Our story has begun when streaming business found out that a traditional CDN has limits and cannot maintain the capacity to deliver video to all viewers simultaneously.
Even CDN market leaders are often unable to handle peak demand, which results in a reduction of video quality or impossibility to deliver video altogether.

Teleport Media P2P CDN is a customized solution to deliver media traffic better than any CDN.

Unlike traditional CDNs, which always have a limited number of servers, Teleport Media scales with the growth of the audience.
Each new consumer turns from a problem of the server overload, into a solution as an extra bandwidth source.
The power of P2P media delivery bundled with Teleport Media Watermark Compliance introduces a new era in online video streaming. We are happy to be a pioneer to incorporate the compliance terms into efficient and scalable online video streaming.

Executive team

Teleport Media — Andrei Klimenko

Andrei Klimenko
CEO, Founder, Chairman of BD

Chief visionary and leader of the Teleport Media team. Expertise in sales, finance, GR, strategy and technology.
Teleport Media — Dmitri Evans

Dmitri Evans
BD, Founder

Leader of russian sales team. Expertise in marketing, PR, sales, product development.
Teleport media — Herwig Gangl

Herwig Gangl
Vice President of Sales

Former VP at IBM, CEO of Hyperwave. Partner at PwC Consulting.
Teleport Media — Alexei Klimenko

Alexei Klimenko
CTO, Founder

Inventor of Teleport Media. Leader of R&D team, data scientist, cryptography expert.


Heinrich Zetlmayer

BD member of Teleport Global AG
Teleport Media advisor — Heirich Zeltmayer

Helmut Krasnik

Strategic Advisor at Teleport Global AG
Teleport Media advisor — Helmut Krasnik


At Teleport Media, we are passionate about the challenges of delivering a massive amount of video 24/7.

We have built a team of experts in P2P traffic delivery and high load solutions capable of serving dozens of millions of user requests simultaneously, even in peaks.

A group of highly skilled software developers, data analytics and marketing managers maintain Teleport Media P2P CDN, our network of legal nodes for content rebroadcasting, suitable for any streaming business.
We aim to benefit the broadcasters all over the world with the best smart content delivery solutions and be on top of all existing CDNs.

Teleport Media technologies are represented worldwide by Teleport Global AG, founded in 2018 in Zug, Switzerland, the international headquarters of Teleport Media.

The Research & Development office is located in Russia.


Ready to join the team?

Teleport Global AG
c/o eMBe Finanz GmbH, Bahnhofstrasse 20
6300 Zug, Switzerland