The future of content delivery for OTT video streaming

Distributed video delivery solution for OTT media helping them stream to the unlimited number of concurrent viewers with the highest video quality at the lowest cost

Discover unlimited video delivery with Teleport Media

Scale to millions of viewers
Unlike traditional CDNs, which always have a limited number of servers, Teleport Media P2P CDN scales in align with the audience growth. Be sure your streaming website and application will handle audience spikes of any size, even unexpected and record-breaking ones.

Grow your streaming business with Teleport Media

Provide best quality for every viewer
We help you keep consistently high quality, no matter how many viewers are watching your video. Get rid of rebuffering and playback failures to make your viewers happy. Outperform your competitors by introducing higher bitrates with zero investments in your existing CDN.
Protect your content against piracy
The video that is streamed through Teleport Media is secured against illegal re-streaming with a combination of DRM, encryption, forensic watermarks and unique patented serverless CAS. Now you can maximize your profits from the premium content.
Save your content delivery budget
We bring the majority of video traffic into peer-to-peer network, decreasing the load on in-house CDN so it can serve 5x times larger audience with the same amount of servers and bandwidth. It also decreases traffic flow from external CDN, so Teleport Media saves up to 50% of CDN budget.
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