Teleport Media.

Content Delivery Amplifier For Better Streaming

Teleport Media content delivery architecture
Teleport Media transfers the bandwidth from CDNs into controlled distributed network to boost your broadcasting capabilities.
handles any audience spikes
active only when you need it
keeps your streams protected

Teleport Media turns each new content consumers from a problem of the server overload into auxiliary traffic sources.

Accelerate your online broadcasting with Teleport Media core advantages.

Unlimited scalability.

Unlike traditional CDNs, which always have a limited number of servers, Teleport Media scales with the growth of the audience. It shows better efficiency on high-loaded live streams' broadcasting margin. It gives a better result and a better cost per traffic unit.
Teleport Media offloads CDN during the traffic spikes
Teleport media scalability

Bitrate and video quality growth.

Teleport Media redistributes the bitrates from low to high. This happens due to the high specific bandwidth of peers: when downloading a massive chunk they increase the network capacity. It also maintains the highest possible quality of the streaming content.
Teleport Media Multistream
Teleport Media Multistream

Stream stabilization.

As a sustainable and overload-secure CDN amplifier Teleport Media provides a quick and effective way to handle up to 80% of bandwidth with no quality loss. Decentralized content delivery environment maintains a stable video delivery even in conditions of an explosive growth of the audience. This results in a threefold reduction in buffering events and a fourfold reduction in delivery failure events.
Teleport Media delivery speed
Teleport Media delivery speed
Teleport Media was designed to easily blend into any online video platform ecosystem with just a few JS-lines. After it's done your own adaptive P2P delivery network starts immediately.