Teleport Media

Future of video streaming available today

content delivery system
Teleport Media is adaptive and secure peer-to-peer CDN helping online TV and VOD broadcasters in any country to serve video to millions of viewers with the highest video quality at the lowest cost.

Fast and easy to install and manage. Fits any HTML5 video player and any CDN. Protects content against restreaming with the help of unique patented technology.
Helps you grow to millions of viewers
Ensures high quality for every viewer
Protects video against piracy

Teleport Media turns each new content consumers from a problem of the server overload into auxiliary traffic sources.

Accelerate your online broadcasting with Teleport Media core advantages

Unlimited scalability

Unlike traditional CDNs, which always have a limited number of servers, Teleport Media P2P CDN scales in align with the audience growth. Now you can be sure your streaming website and application will handle audience spikes of any size, even unexpected and record-breaking ones.
Teleport Media offloads CDN during the traffic spikes
Teleport media scalability

Bitrate and video quality growth

Teleport Media keeps consistently high quality, no matter how many viewers are watching your video. Now you can get rid of rebuffering and playback failures to make your viewers happy and turn them in loyal customers. And outperform your competitors by introducing higher bitrates with zero investments in infrastructure, using only your existing CDN.
Teleport Media Multistream
Teleport Media Multistream

Full Stream Protection

To combat digital piracy that is a major threat for content owners, Teleport Media actively prevents re-streaming with a combination of forensic watermarks and patented serverless conditional access framework. Now you can increase profits from streaming premium content safely.
Teleport Media GDPR compliant
Teleport Media GDPR compliant
To use Teleport Media you only need to install JavaScript on a website and use SDK for mobile applications. After installation Teleport Media starts working instantly as the proxy between the video player and the initial source of the video, which could be in-house or external CDN.