How it works

A JavaScript plugin to any video player enables devices watching the same video connect through WebRTC to transfer video chunks between each other, decreasing the traffic consumption from original CDN by 80%

Make the viewers themselves an unlimitedly scalable content delivery network

Plug & Play Integration

To use our P2P CDN service you only need to add Teleport Media JavaScript on your webpage or in a mobile application. It starts working instantly after initialization. You don’t have to specifically configure your CDN or change something on media server side, everything works automatically.
Teleport Media in a Nutshell
Designed for HTTP streaming
When installed on a webpage or in a mobile application, Teleport Media JavaScript plugin to a video player works like a tiny proxy for requests of the video player to initial source of video defined by manifest. If other peers already got pieces of content, Teleport Media download it from their devices.
Self-balancing Peer-to-Peer
Users' devices that play the same video connect with each other through WebRTC supported natively by 80%+ devices. Each new viewer acts like an "edge server" of auto-scaling distributed delivery network. The viewer doesn’t have to install any plugins. The network adjusts in real-time to provide peers with the best connectivity.
Not a traditional CDN
Teleport Media has no servers that store and stream content. It is a cloud-based service that manages the peer-to-peer network created of the devices watching your video.
Quality assurance
If the device doesn’t support WebRTC, or if the video can’t be retrieved from other peers when required, Teleport Media downloads it from the original source defined by manifest. During the playback Teleport Media controls key quality metrics to choose the best source of video — P2P network or CDN.
Work on any smart device
Teleport Media is designed for seamless integration with your video players on web, mobile and smart TV. It doesn’t require you to abandon your current CDN or make changes to your streaming media server. Also there’s no need to install any soft on the end-user side.
Android TV
Samsung Tizen
LG webOS
Intuitive load balancer
A simple JavaScript plugin to a video player enables devices watching the same video connect with each other through WebRTC to transfer video chunks between each other. Each new viewer acts as an "edge mini-server" and video redistributive node.
Discover Teleport Media P2P CDN architecture
Compatible with any web and mobile player
Teleport Media provides you with a wide range of plugins that are prepared for most well-known video players on the market.

If you can’t find the plugin for your video player in our documentation, please let us know and we will add support of your video player.
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