OTT Solution provider

Make your video player a CDN node and deliver 2-times more traffic at the same price
Video delivery solution that helps to optimize operational costs
Deliver exclusive value
As an OTT solution provider with rising demand for the best service, provide the OTT market with packages of offers and better prices on CDN and video players to gain more satisfied customers.

Help them to achieve subscriber targets and the desired audience reach, all while providing best visual quality. Cut spendings on both sides and close more deals.
Better control over budgets
Let your clients get more economic benefits: the less are your expenses on local CDN, the less is the price for your clients, the more happy they are. On your turn, with the best prices, drive the revenue and sales forward.
Benefits of using Teleport Media for OTT solution provider
Scalable streams
Enable larger audiences video delivery: serve up to 80% of traffic in P2P turning each viewer into a retransmission node. Your clients' content reaches any device no matter how many of them join the same stream.
Bitrate upscale
Introduce higher bitrate with no additional hardware spendings: serve 2-times more traffic at the same cost. Provide a larger bitrate ladder to adjust to any circumstances. Your viewers enjoy better video quality than anywhere else.
Global reach
Maintain effective work across the globe: choose the best CDN vendors with no need to prepay too many servers. Use the load balancer with a decentralized CDN to meet the business demand wherever the internet is.
In-house + Multi-CDN
Linear TV
Broadcast 24/7
Smart API Case
As traffic varies significantly throughout the day for almost any OTT video provider, it can be difficult to efficiently manage content delivery, especially during surges.

Within a multi-CDN, when an OTT provider orchestrates a delivery workflow between different CDN vendors, Teleport Media serves up to 80% of overall traffic starting from the first byte of data.

In case of in-house CDN, Teleport Media helps to serve 5-times more audience with the same bandwidth available.
Upgrade video delivery services and save bandwidth costs to your clients today
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