Online TV

Grow up to unlimited number of concurrent viewers and handle any spike, even unexpected and record-breaking one. Achieve premium quality on lower bitrates
Make your in-house CDN 5-times more effective
When the number of simultaneous viewers is growing exponentially, redistribute the traffic between CDNs using scalable and secure decentralized content delivery.

When up to 80% of video traffic is delivered by Teleport Media P2P CDN, it reduces the stress from occasional consumption spikes during Live sport broadcast or breaking news, prevents playback failures, and decreases the rebuffering rate 4-times with a multiple connection framework. All while contributing to the best ever QoE.
Scale video delivery
to maximize the reach
Bitrate upscale
Introduce higher bitrate with no additional hardware spendings: serve 2-times more traffic at the same cost. Provide a larger bitrate ladder to adjust to any possible
circumstances. Your viewers enjoy better video quality than anywhere else.
Benefits of using Teleport Media for Online TV
Non-stop performance
Enable larger audiences video delivery: serve up to 80% of traffic in P2P turning each viewer into a retransmission node. Your videos reach any device no matter how many of them join the same stream.
Improved video quality
Maximize the visual quality: each viewer gets the video chunk from the nearest most reliable peer. No rebuffering risk related to traffic spike. Improved visual quality at the last mile despite ISP’s capacity and available bandwidth.
Lower CDN bills
Build budget-wise multi CDN infrastructure: increase in-house CDN 5-times, push far back the threshold at which you need an external CDN. Save up to 50% of expenses on CDN in the long term. No upfront costs.
Buffering rate during 4 hours
Vitrina TV Case
Being a CDN vendor for Vitrina TV, we see the critical thing for keeping QoE at the highest level is the ability to detect video download bottleneck and the ability to timely change the way a particular device is downloading the file. When every video player has multiple live connections with multiple distributed sources, there is always a lightning-fast way to switch from a bad source to a good one, and avoid the download slowdown which usually causes buffering.

With Vitrina TV we noticed statistically that viewers' devices are able to download the video several times faster from the other devices in a distributed cloud than from the CDN! If a viewer has a set of active channels to download from, the chances of buffering fall 50%.
Linear TV
Shaka video player, DASH
6 bitrates from
350 Kbps to 3.8 Mbps
5 sec. chunk
With Teleport Media the chances for buffering fall 50%
To prevent buffering, an ABR mechanism of a videoplayer switch to a lower bitrate, finding the one that is optimal for current bandwidth of user.

Thanks to multiple traffic sources provided be Teleport Media, it is possible to maintain higher download speeds even if a user experience playback issues. An ABR have to make less jumps down to find a new balance.

With the same client, viewers that are connected with P2P network in case of switching lose only 18% in average bitrate compared to 35% loss of users connected to CDN.
Teleport Media reduces bitrate switching depth by half
Swithing depth in 4 hours
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