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Deliver the most wanted sports streams to any device for sport fans as if they're at the stadium
Let the viewers never miss the moment!
Build an online stadium
for real-time sports
The more the audience, the less bandwidth is available per one viewer, the higher the chances of playback failures and cascade quality degradation.

Avoid such issues with decentralized delivery solution enabling each device to set multiple connections to the nearest peers and constantly measuring the visual quality. Real-time switching to the best source of the traffic results in decreasing rebuffering rates up to 4-times compared to traditional CDNs.
high quality streaming
Sustainable quality
Let the viewers enjoy every moment of the game at real-time: the bitrate remains stable even in conditions of explosive audience growth. It scales align the audience growth and provides the highest possible bitrate, lowers the rebuffering 3 times, and eliminates the playback failure.
Benefits of using Teleport Media for Sport
No upfront cost
Implement for free and pay as you go. Effective as any premium CDN, with no commitments, Teleport Media is half price better than any traditional CDN.
Protection from restreaming
NEW Terminate pirate restreams whenever they are, in real time. Secure your content with DRM and watermarks of your choice and control the content distribution with Teleport Media patented solution.
Less infrastructure spendings
Get rid of additional investments in local CDN infrastructure: decentralized delivery service serves up to 80% of traffic making your in-house CDN capacity 5-times greater and using less 3rd party CDN.
buffer size
check length
FIFA World cup сase
The audience grew 20 times in a short time. In-house CDN quickly reached the maximum of its capacity so the customer turned on all available CDNs.

In the group of viewers that were connected to Teleport Media P2P CDN more than 80% of the traffic was delivered through P2P.

The costs of traffic delivery was 3-5 times lower than through external CDN. Rebuffering and playback falures was 3 times less in this group, compared to premium CDNs.
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